About us


Thank you for visiting Dogton Abbey! 

I'm Claire and two years ago, decided to begin a new chapter in life and open my online store.

After 20 + years in Emergency Services, I felt it was now or never to make that change and with a passion for dogs and their health Dogton Abbey came to be.

All our treats are freshly baked with high quality, human grade ingredients.

ALL are tested by my trusted taste testers, Molly and Jewel, plus the farm dog next door, who likes to stop by for a treat or two.

To preserve flavour and nutrients, all are made to order, in small batches and slowly baked.

All treats are free of;

Artificial flavours
Our icing is made with dehydrated yogurt powder.

Allergies or dietary restrictions? Not a problem! We are happy to make adjustments to our recipes. After all, every dog deserves a treat. Please contact us and we will work with you to ensure your pup receives nutritious, fun and great tasting treats.


Thank you!